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Eastern Drycleaners is able to provide a twice daily service for hotels as well an express same day service for guests that need their items cleaned in a rush.

We are an environmentally responsible drycleaner that uses modified alcohol rather than PERC as our cleaning solvent.  To learn more about just how very bad PERC is - google "the dangers of using PERC" and read what we have read and you will forever remember to ask your drycleaner what kind of solvent they use.

Many international customers already know that PERC is highly toxic because it is illegal in the USA and in parts of Europe due to its toxicity.  Eastern Drycleaners is the only drycleaner in Christchurch that has upgraded our factory to use modified alcohol as its solvent.

We use the most advanced cleaning technology avaialble today.  Our machines are 6th Generation German made Bowe M30 Black Forest, the absolute Rolls Royce of drycleaning machines.  We use Sensene Solvent, a modified alcohol hydrocarbon (F) that is considered to be the gold standard. 

Also, all of our vans are 100% electric so not only can we provide your guests with a Green drycleaning experience, we can can also help your hotel strive for a low carbon footprint.

Please call Max on 03 379 4600 for more details.


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“Thank you very much for the excellent job Eastern Drycleaners did of drycleaning the drapes for our guest rooms. Thank you also for the prompt delivery when we needed some drapes back at such short notice.”

DM Rees, Executive Housekeeper at Rydges Hotel

Eastern Drycleaners have been done all our drycleaning. This includes formal wear, wedding and bridal gowns and bridesmaids gowns along with menswear: formal suits shirts and ties etc. We have found Eastern Drycleaners to be very helpful and professional in all their dealings with us.

D. Mclaren, Store Manager at Wilkins Formal Wear