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Our most popular items we sell are Ant Static Spray, Professional Lint Rollers and EEZY Fabric Combs.

Anti Static Spray

This is a must have for many of our customers. If you have ever been caught out with static cling on your clothes you know why. This spray works instantly.

Lint Rollers Commercial Quality

These are what we use in the factory to remove lint, fluff, animal hairs, etc. These are the lint rollers we use in the factory, not like the ones you get in the grocery store that don't have a strong sticky tape. This brand is a trade product and is available only from your drycleaner.

Eezy Fabric Combs

These fabric combs do the best job of removing pilling and fabric balls from any type of garment. Just place the garment on a firm surface and comb gently but firmly. You'll be delighted with the results.

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“Thank you very much for the excellent job Eastern Drycleaners did of drycleaning the drapes for our guest rooms. Thank you also for the prompt delivery when we needed some drapes back at such short notice.”

DM Rees, Executive Housekeeper at Rydges Hotel

Eastern Drycleaners have been done all our drycleaning. This includes formal wear, wedding and bridal gowns and bridesmaids gowns along with menswear: formal suits shirts and ties etc. We have found Eastern Drycleaners to be very helpful and professional in all their dealings with us.

D. Mclaren, Store Manager at Wilkins Formal Wear