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Water Reproofing

One way your drycleaner can help you prepare for winter weather is by re-proofing your coats, jackets and windbreakers. Reproofing is ideal school uniforms and cushions. It helps to prevent dirt and stains setting on fabrics, keeping them cleaner-looking for longer.

Reproofing restores the original shower proofing and natural finish of the garment which can be lost with wear, exposure to the weather and cleaning. Reproofing will not only help to keep you dry, it helps keep your garment in good condition by reducing penetration of water into the fabric. While not intended as a complete waterproofing it does restore the original showerproofing.

Reproofing is an interesting process. The reproofing agent attaches to the fibres of the fabric making each fibre water repellent. Thus the garment is not actually waterproof as water may still penetrate between the fibres. A fair description of the process would be "shower proofing". The garment also retains its ability to "breathe". Most drycleaners refer to the process as "reproofing" as it restores the natural water-resistance that a raincoat has when new.

At Eastern Drycleaners we have sourced a heavy-duty reproofing agent originally manufactured for leathers and suedes. We have found it to be ideal on all fabrics and to provide more effective protection than is available to drycleaners from their normal suppliers. We now use this product for all reproofing despite the extra cost to ourselves because the results have been so good.

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“Thank you very much for the excellent job Eastern Drycleaners did of drycleaning the drapes for our guest rooms. Thank you also for the prompt delivery when we needed some drapes back at such short notice.”

DM Rees, Executive Housekeeper at Rydges Hotel

Eastern Drycleaners have been done all our drycleaning. This includes formal wear, wedding and bridal gowns and bridesmaids gowns along with menswear: formal suits shirts and ties etc. We have found Eastern Drycleaners to be very helpful and professional in all their dealings with us.

D. Mclaren, Store Manager at Wilkins Formal Wear